ez-ux (Easy UX)
Midjourney UI generation inputs made easy!
Technologies: HTML, CSS and Javascript
YT-2-MP3 converts and downloads YouTube videos to MP3 files. It also offers a selection of trending music that can be easily downloaded.
Technologies: React (TypeScript), Node (TypeScript)
Thunder Fox Arena
Thunder Fox Arena is a 1 vs 1 reimagination made in JavaScript of the original 1991 game released for Sega Mega Drive.
Technologies: JavaScript, HTML, CSS and PhotoShop
PlanetGame is a game database prototype website that indexes information about games, genres and publishers.
Technologies: React, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, GitHub Projects and PHPUnit
PHP Course Project
This is the project that I used a few times for teaching PHP for juniors devs.
Technologies: PHP, PostgreSQL, HTML, CSS and JavaScript
Java Keywords Challenge
This is a Java Keywords Challenge built with React. This project was done on a tryout that I participated to a tech company.
Technologies: React, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
Express-like PHP router
This was an attempt to mimic Express router in PHP. The final product offers a router that accepts GET and POST requests.
Technologies: PHP.
This is my personal portfolio, built from scratch using React.
Technologies: React, HTML, CSS and JavaScript
Astronaut SVG Animation
It's a simple HTML+CSS animation which would fit very well on a website banner or on a 404 page.
Technologies: HTML and CSS.
React Weather Forecast
This application delivers the most essential weather forecast data based on user's current location. React Weather Forecast is basic, clean, simple and easy to use.
Technologies: React, Node.js, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
Matheus Workout Generator
MWG is workout generator that can be used to create random workouts taking some key physiological variables into consideration.
Technologies: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, MySql