Hello! I'm Matheus do Livramento!

I welcome you to my website! Here you will get to know more about me, about my work and what are my next steps into web development!
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About Me

Matheus do Livramento
I'm an expert in back-end software engineering. However, my skills are not limited to PHP and Node.js, as I also like to mess around with front-end stuff in my spare time.
Computer Science Bachelor
5+ Years of experience
8+ Web Technologies
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Latest Projects

ez-ux (Easy UX)
Midjourney UI generation inputs made easy!
Technologies:HTML, CSS and Javascript
YT-2-MP3 converts and downloads YouTube videos to MP3 files. It also offers a selection of trending music that can be easily downloaded.
Technologies:React (TypeScript), Node (TypeScript)
Thunder Fox Arena
Thunder Fox Arena is a 1 vs 1 reimagination made in JavaScript of the original 1991 game released for Sega Mega Drive.
Technologies:JavaScript, HTML, CSS and PhotoShop