ez-ux (Easy UX)

Launched Thursday, April 27th, 2023
Midjourney UI generation inputs made easy! It was built with HTML, CSS and Javascript.

💻 About the project

ez-ux is a tool to easily build Midjourney prompts for UX, ranging from mobile apps all the way to desktop landing pages. This application also allows the user to refine the prompt and even choose a specific color palette.

🌐 Live demo

Check out this project running on GitHub Pages

ğŸ”Ž Features

  • Builds Midjourney prompts for UX
  • Allows predefined customizations such as "Type", "Refinements" and "Color Palettes"
  • Allows the user to edit the final prompt before copying it


ez-ux was built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Since it was a simple app, I wanted to keep the stack simple as well.

📐 Layout


Mobile 1Mobile 2


Desktop 1Desktop 2

🔨 Technologies

The following technologies were used to build ez-ux front-end:

❓ How to set up

Just get a local copy and run it with Live Server.