I'm Matheus do Livramento, 28 years old, living in Santa Catarina, Brazil since I was born.

I'm a back-end software engineer and former web development teacher with a bachelor degree in computer science. I absolutely love to code and learn new patterns that make programming cleaner.

Below you can see an overview about my skills and professional life. You can also download my resume below:


I jumped into web development more than 12 years ago when I participated in my first Design & Web course. Three years later I started to learn Java and C++ in college. As time went on, I transitioned to PHP, which is the language that I use professionally.

Other than PHP, I also work a lot with JavaScript/TypeScript on personal projects, which usually involve React, Next.js and Node.

Below you can see more detailed info about my skills:

TypeScript, JavaScript, PHP, SQL
Soft Skills
Knowledge Sharer, Curious, Well-organized, Critical thinker
MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis
Web Development
HTML5, CSS3, Tailwind, React, Next.js, Node.js, jQuery
CI/CD, GitHub Actions, Agile Methodology, Code Versioning, Unit Tests
Software Architecture, Design Patterns, Caching

Professional Carreer

When I was 16, I got my first job as an Office Assistant at Rio do Sul's town hall. Today, more than 10 years later, I'm a professional back-end software engineer. Also, under my career path, I was a web development teacher with more than 150 students.

Below you can see my professional career timeline:

Back-end Software Engineer
Symplicity, Arlington, VA - USA (Remote)
2022 - Present
In charge of software engineering a product for higher education. Constant english-based communication with the international team.
Agile | PHP | OOP | MySQL | GitLab | Unix/Linux CLI
Full Stack Development Instructor
IPM Sistemas, Rio do Sul, SC
2018 - 2021
In charge of training/tutoring newly hired programmers by lecturing Web Development classes.
HTML | CSS | JavaScript | PHP | PostgreSQL | PHP Framework
HR Business Rule Instructor
IPM Sistemas, Rio do Sul, SC
2017 - 2018
In charge of training/tutoring employees that were hired to work with the Human Resources software.
Public administration software | Human Resources
Bachelor degree in Computer Science
Instituto Federal Catarinense, Rio do Sul, SC
Graduated in computer science, reaching maximum grade in the final thesis, which portrayed about Artificial Intelligence.
Software Quality Assurance
IPM Sistemas, Rio do Sul, SC
2016 - 2017
In charge of testing the HR software to detect and catalog errors. Also in charge of writing and executing test cases.
Quality Assurance | HR Software
Office Assistant
Comercial Versatil, Rio do Sul, SC
2014 - 2016
In charge of managing the e-commerce platform and leading marketing campaigns on social media.
Administrative Assistant Intern
Town Hall, Rio do Sul, SC
2011 - 2014
In charge of assorted office services, like register traffic tickets, catalog towed cars and organize old files.


Portuguese is my main language, however, as I grew up as a “tech/gamer kid”, English was part of my daily life, and learning it just came naturally.

Fast forward to January 2022, I got my first job that put my english skills to the test: I had to report the status of what I'm working on regularly to the international team through our Agile-based meetings. On top of that I also had to use english skills to ask questions to senior devs and product specialists.

Check out below my language abilities:

  • Portuguese (Native)
  • English (Fluent)