Thunder Fox Arena

Launched Monday, August 1st, 2022
Thunder Fox Arena is a 1 vs 1 reimagination made in JavaScript of the original 1991 game released for Sega Mega Drive. It was built with JavaScript, HTML, CSS and PhotoShop.

All assets, music, stages, sounds and the Thunder Fox brand belong to Taito Corporation.

As stated on the "About" page, this game was developed as a homage to the original Thunder Fox released back in 1991, for being a game that makes a important part of my life, bringing back good childhood memories.

I developed the game under Fair Use, and I intend no harm to Taito Corporation. Also, I get absolutely zero financial return for this project.

  • I take no profits from Thunder Fox Arena.
  • I don't sell Thunder Fox Arena.
  • I will never monetize Thunder Fox Arena in any shape or form.

How to Play?

Current Status

In this section, I'll constantly update Thunder Fox Arena status.

Start date: May, 9th 2022
End date: August, 1st 2022
Hours taken: ~98
Status: Complete

💻 About the project

Thunder Fox Arena is a 1 vs 1 reimagination made in JavaScript of the original 1991 game released for Sega Mega Drive.

As a developer, I constantly build stuff in my free time in order to improve my skills, but, even after more than five years of experience with programming, I never took the time to build a game as I always stuck with "traditional" softwares.

I'm a big time gamer, starting my career on my early ages, so, the process to decide which game I was going to build was rather simple: recreate a 1 vs 1 version of the first game that I played, when I was 4 or 5 years old. Thunder Fox really has its own place in my heart.

Another factor that inspired me to make this game, was a YouTube video that was suggested to me about JavaScript game development. Even though I'm an experienced developer, I was jumping into unknown territory, since this is my first game ever developed, so, this video tutorial taught me some solutionsthat I probably wouldn't be able to come up with on my own.

Play the Game

You can play Thunder Fox Arena by clicking the button below:



This project was developed with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Thus, a few third-party libraries used were used, such as:

  • preloadjs in order to prevent broken sprites and delayed sounds.
  • gamecontroller.js in order to handle gamepads, such as wireless controllers.

A crucial tool for the progress of the project was a modified version of the Gens emulator, which was used to individually extract all sprites from the original game. To create the Sprite Sheets, animations and image manipulations in general, Adobe Photoshop was used.


Thunder Fox Arena is an open source project. Be free to open new issues or Merge Requests in order to improve the project.